A Pair of Visions….

menorahI am very close to a young man who has dreams and visions.  Most are simply recorded in a notebook because his parents don’t really know what to do with them.  In time, I believe, Abba will further reveal some details on how this gift is to best be used for the edification of the Body.

Yesterday, he had the second of a pair of related visions while at the Bney Yosef National Shabbat in Blairsville, GA.  He shared it with the group present and was encouraged to share it with a broader audience, hence, this blog.


After the Bney Yosef Congress, my wife and I along with two sons went to Adat Shalom in Summerville, SC to report on the trip and enjoy the fellowship of the group Ray Gardner leads.  During the time of worship in song, a young man had a vision.

When they were dancing in a circle, I saw the menorah in the center and I saw a great hand come from the center of the ceiling and grab the fire on the servant candle and when he did the fire flared up and got as bright as the sun and just as hot and I saw him put it on the three candles on the right…  As fast as it came, it left.

Well, yesterday at the Bney Yosef National Shabbat, as we worshipped and danced, this young man again had a sudden vision.

The same menorah appeared and the same hand came down and lit the three candle on the left with the fire from the servant candle, so that all the candles were lit.

Tzefanyah, host of the Shabbat gathering, has the gift of interpretation and offered the following, partly at the National Shabbat and partly over the phone this evening.

The first vision indicated Father’s approval of the Congress and its desire to begin taking steps to bring unity.  The menorah is a symbol of national restoration and the candles half lit means the process has started, the door is beginning to be opened.

This National Shabbat was the fourth gathering and more people and states were represented as well as two from Jerusalem.

The balance of the candles being lit says this is the process of the restoration of the kingdom and the final steps for the restoration of both sticks.

As we spoke this evening he referred back to something I have heard him say before, that the time of knowledge/teacher based action is behind us (not that we no longer need this but…) and the time to move forward in worship as warriors for the kingdom has come.

As soon as he said this, Jericho came to mind.  I said, “Moses taught and gave the knowledge base that they needed, but once they crossed the Jordan River, the first battle that brought down the walls was a battle waged through simple praise and walking in faith.”  I immediately got chills and said so.  Tzefanyah said, “me, too!  It just hit me!”

As I sit and type, I consider another thought related to the two sticks…  Could one side being lit and then the other indicate an awakening that is occurring in both Ephraim and in Judah, the two sticks?

Interesting.  Much to ponder, but it is clear that Abba is working in the restoration of all Israel.

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  1. Tom Washburn says:

    With a young man who is a dreamer … seems like his parents should have named him Joseph.

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