Pre-Congress Continues…

The Congress does not even begin until Monday evening, but the general consensus is that we have already accomplished more than we dared hope for in this first meeting,  We acknowledge that the Messianic movement has been plagued by individualism, pride/arrogance toward Judah and incessant division.  Times of worship have been heavily focused on repentance as individuals and corporately.  Multiple times we have been brought back to Leviticus 26:40ff.

Small groups gathering around the pool, in the lobby and at the dinner tables continue

Tzefayah and Reyyna from north east Georgia, USA on the left and Dorothy Pantuso, of south Texas on the right.

Tzefayah and Reyyna from north east Georgia, USA on the left and Dorothy Pantuso, of south Texas on the right.

with introductions and getting to know each other, but the tenor of each I have seen, heard or participated in remains the same: humility, focus on loving Judah, asking the Ruach to change us, and seeking unity.  If we left today, we would all be on the same page with the general hopes of the Congress already met.  Praise Yah!!

Al McCarn has been busy speaking with many as he clarifies the premise for his DSCN0926[1]previously reviewed book, Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell, and discusses refinements and additions for the Second Edition.

Here are a few other quick pictures…  It is 6:35 and I scored a major opportunity that I have to get ready for.  Yesterday, as Mike Clayton, who has been to the Land 23 times, was teaching he mentioned that today, Shavuot, he planned to drive up into the Galilee and on up into the Golan Heights for some personal touring.  He said he had three empty seats in his car….  Yeeaaahhhh!  Kelly and I got two!  Can’t wait to spend the day picking his brain with the added benefit of the beautiful Israeli north country rolling by.

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