Incredible opportunity to help share the Gospel of Torah!!

I really am overwhelmed and excited aboutUganda Pastorsthe numerous opportunities to share and support others sharing Torah that have recently opened up to us.  This is easily the best one yet!!

Dr. David Sloss, PhD., friend and fellow sojourner, is the leader of Baraka International Ministries, based out of Meaford, Ontario, Canada.  For the last three or four years he has been traveling back and forth to Uganda teaching a number of pastors the Hebraic root of our faith.  Additionally, he has been helping those fellowships grow in self sufficiency through poultry and tomato projects.

He is traveling back to Uganda in late April to lead a pastor’s conference where nearly 100 pastors from Uganda and Kenya will meet to learn more about Torah and our Messiah, and we can help!!  [Stop and consider how exciting it is when we can lead a friend into the truth of Torah…  Now, ponder how exciting it is to lead a pastor…  or 100 pastors, effectively leading the charge in transforming a region and potentially a continent!!  I can barely sleep at night!]

Here are several newsletters for your perusal:

David has asked for our help and we are excited.  Here is what we have in the works:

  • Along with a local fellowship (Greenwood, SC), we have arrange for about 400 119ministries teaching dvds to be placed in several traveling libraries that these precious pastors will have access to.
  • Along with Al McCarn’s help, we have arranged for 50 copies of his new book, A Place Where I May Dwell, for the many English speaking/reading pastors.
  • Funds have been provided for the additional baggage costs to transport this training material with David on his upcoming trip.

Now, here is where you can help!!

Besides the great expense of traveling back and forth several times a year, David’s ministry is helping these congregations with various projects that, as they grow, will be self sustaining.  Each, however, has small start up costs.

Prayerfully consider if this is a ministry you could help as they take Torah to the nations.  Contact them by mail:

Dr. David Sloss, PhD.
057898 12th Line,
RR #1,

And, though I have further contact info for David, I ask him to add a comment with any additional information he would like to provide as well as any contact details.


About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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8 Responses to Incredible opportunity to help share the Gospel of Torah!!

  1. Lynda & Jack MacDonald says:

    Dear folks:We were the contacts with the Uganda fellowship first back in 2007. After a two year steady flow of Torah teachings and supplies, Jack and I (Heart to Heart Ministry) were asked by our contact minister in Uganda to please go over and teach the pastors through Torah. They needed a personal connection. We knew that we were not the ones called to physically go but David Sloss is a dear friend and we knew that he was the “called one”. David has faithfully gone and ministered there. We are humbled at the part we have played and rejoice at what Yehovah is doing through David. (Lynda MacDonald –

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    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thank you SO much for chiming in with more background info. Blessings on you for the part you have played and continue to play! I am humbled at the incredible work our Father is doing across the planet!! So exciting and humbling to be a part!!

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  2. David Sloss says:

    Thank You Pete! In endeavouring to help these, largely subsistence level brothers and sisters, the three projects we would like to see funded are:

    #1. Small scale poultry enterprises in villages to increase the level of income and share with the needy – about $250 per village. This is done on a micro-loan basis managed through the Messianic Churches of Uganda. $4,000.

    #2. Funds to help sponsor the various conferences – Youth, Women’s and Men’s – to encourage, teach and instil Torah concepts and practices. $3,000 per year.

    #3. A school is being planned for Iganga which will allow the teaching of the government curriculum as well as Bible rather than Islamic faith. It will have an office used for the Pastor’s library, church and administration of the MCU churches. The land has been purchased and now funds are needed to help with the building. $15,000 would go along way in this project.

    I am humbled by the desire of these people to honour YHVH in following Torah! They are sincerely endeavouring to grow, learn and influence their culture for the Kingdom. It is a privilege for me to serve, teach and counsel over the last four years. They desire to be self-sufficient and can become more so with our help.

    May YHVH bless you and grant His shalom!


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  3. Connie E says:

    What a blessing to have even a small part. Thank you all for your faithfulness. Thank you Pete for bringing this to us so we can be a part of Father’s work. We otherwise would have never known.

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  5. Sue in NC says:

    Can’t wait to share this with husband John – this is something I would love to be part of!

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