The Word — or The Spirit?

Fantastic article demonstrating the inseparable nature of the Torah and the Spirit!! Well worth the read!!

Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul

One of the most important questions Believers are asking today is:

“Has the Holy Spirit replaced the Law [the Torah] as our guide to righteous living?”

boxing Today, one common assumption within traditional Christianity is the idea that the Torah was the standard of truth in the Old Testament, but now the Holy Spirit is the standard in the New Testament.

Many hold the idea that the Torah and the Spirit are at odds, and cannot be reconciled.

However, the Scriptures reveal that the Torah and the Holy Spirit are not at odds with each other — rather, they are in complete unity! They have always worked together, hand in hand, throughout history.


The Holy Spirit does not replace the Torah, the written Word of God.

The Spirit of God cannot contradict the Word of God [who is the person of Messiah – John 1:1-14]. Our God…

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