Quick n dirty 6′ x 16′ sukkah for about $125!! (Pics)

Getting ready for Sukkot and in the midst of other preps, since we will have 60+ staying here, I’ve had little time to think about our sukkah this year…  then I had a bright idea.  Or, as my boys say, in their best Gru impression, ‘light bulb.’

We tore out part of the barn as a meeting area and it freed up multiple cattle panels and a few t-posts.  If you are not familiar with the very useful farming item available at most feed/seed stores, a cattle panel is 50” tall by 16′ long, made of heavy 3/16″ welded rod, and somewhat flexible…

So, six 8′ t-posts ($5.90 each), one 2x4x 10 (actually used a 16’er just because that is what I had…) and four cattle panels ($25 each) make a very nice rough sukkah.  All that is left is to decorate.

We did throw an old tarp over the top and hung solar lawn lights for evening ambiance, but the general structure took shape in about 30 minutes, mostly me griping at the boys to ‘hold something still’ while I tried wiring it into place.

Here are some pics of our not yet decorated structure…  Best part?  Nice size, lots of head room, nothing to store and all parts are re-useable on the farm!

Sukkot pics 056Here we are driving the posts.  We chose to arch the back wall, so it is really about 15′ long, but adds depth in the middle.

Sukkot pics 074Initially I wired the 2×4 directly to the 8′ t-post, then chose to sleeve the post with a piece of pipe (pvc will do) to get a little more elevation.  The height is over 8′ in the middle.  About 7′ at the edges.  Two cattle panels arched over the top, one across the back, about 18″ off the ground, and one divided for the end walls.

Sukkot pics 075Tarp for a little sun/rain protection.

Sukkot pics 076

Solar yard lamps, with the base probe removed, then held in place…  should charge through the day and give nice light in the evening.  We have eight around the perimeter of the tarp.

Hope this little project will give others some new inspiration as they build a sukkah!

Shalom, shalom!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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7 Responses to Quick n dirty 6′ x 16′ sukkah for about $125!! (Pics)

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  2. Lori Hughey says:

    Awesome for you guy’s enjoy your time, I’ll have to get Malorie to post pics of the Bamboo one Travis made for this Sukkot. We will miss you guys….wish we could all be together ❤


  3. Kedoshim Ministries says:

    Chag Sameach Pete! Blessing to you as you host Sukkot this year.


  4. Priscilla Cohen says:

    Wonderful! Our Father has blessed us all with fun family! Those are great Sukkahs. ☺Wish our family was in Isreal too!


  5. Priscilla Cohen says:

    Wonderful! Our Father has blessed us all with fun family! Those are great Sukkahs. ☺Wish our family was in Isreal, too!


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