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Can Pastors preach lies?

I have been reading the Book of Jeremiah again and continually grapple with the blindness of Christendom and their/our rejection of the Torah as God’s everlasting standard of righteousness.  It is the partial blindness of Israel that Paul spoke of … Continue reading

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A question that needs your attention….

Does your pastor uphold the Torah?  Does he teach the difference in the clean and unclean?  Does he keep/teach seventh day Sabbath?  If not, he falls in the same category as the priests who are judged for profaning YHVH.  Beware … Continue reading

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Pastors with ‘no light?’

Yeshua, the prophets and the apostles all continually pointed TO the Torah as Yehovah’s standard of righteousness.  If your pastor/teacher does not, there may be a problem… http://bible.com/1/isa.8.16-20.KJV

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Steven Anderson – Exposed Pt. 9

This series is very interesting and highly informative.  (Sometimes disheartening as to the level of ignorance in the pulpit, too…) The rest of the series, if you have missed previous installments, can be found on Zac’s New2Torah YouTube channel. For … Continue reading

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