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Why is the earth judged by fire? (Short)

Scripture is very clear.  The EARTH and ALL its inhabitants are judged for breaking Torah.  Christendom teaches the earth is judged because of sin.  Well, if sin is breaking Torah (1 Jn 3:4), the wise will learn to keep Torah. … Continue reading

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Today’s news….

This verse struck me this morning in its timelessness.  Could have been written yesterday about our times… Then, maybe it was! http://bible.com/100/jer.16.10-11.NASB

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Christendom and the Sin of Jeroboam

On occasion, friend and fellow Messianic, Tzefanyah ben Yochanan, has visions that are prophetic in nature.  This morning my email had a detailed vision that he had yesterday, and it triggered some thoughts.  Here is the majority of that email, … Continue reading

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Today is a Day of Confession!

We leave in a few minutes for Dan, way in the north.  We’ll drive 3.5 hours each way to go see the replica of an altar to an idol.  I have been looking forward to and dreading this day all … Continue reading

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10 Paradigm-shifting New Testament Verses

Maybe I’m the only person this happens to, but have you ever read a verse that you’ve read a 100 times, but suddenly you ‘see’ it totally differently?  Like a bolt of lightning, or a V-8 moment, you suddenly understand … Continue reading

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