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Theological microaggressions…

Babylon Bee puts out some great satire. This golden culture mocking clip made me think of something else. First, the video short, be sure to stay till the end… How has the cancel culture and microaggression mentality seeped into theological … Continue reading

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Stifling the TRUTH (Free thinkers NOT allowed…)

Spineless cowards or complicit agents of the adversary…. They exist in every field, today, including theology. In a terrific American Thinker article titled ‘In the Sway of the Narrative,’ the point is demonstrated that free and critical thinking is no … Continue reading

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The Christian and Messianic Cancel Culture

I heard the newly popular term ‘cancel culture’ and didn’t think it applied to me until recently, then I figured out that Christians and Messianics have been playing that game for millennia. It just had a different name. Most Hebrew … Continue reading

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