Torah Portion Series, 01. Breisheet

This week we begin posting a series of Torah Portion studies focusing on what the Torah has to say regarding headship and partriarchy. If Israel is to be restored, and the tribes are to return, and if the Messiah is to uphold Torah, then we need to wrestle with what that will look like structurally. Does the Torah define what a family looks like? Does it give us clear instruction on the authority structure? Do we know the roles and responsibilities of man and woman? What does a clan or tribe look like? How does it function?

Most readers here were reared in a Christian environment and may have a sense of truth, but do we really know the root in Torah and have we seen it walked out in righteousness? Have we been infected with Greco-Roman thinking in areas that we may not even know?

We will post the weekly portion mid-week, however, I am posting this first installment early because I am in Israel and will be traveling the next few days before heading home and am unsure of web access later this week. I will post in a couple formats. I hope to add .pdf in the near future, but I do not currently have that option. Also, besides posting as a blog post each week, I will add to the Torah Portion page that is found in the top bar.

Breisheet.doc Breisheet.odt Breisheet.pdf

We pray you are challenged in your studies to dig deeper. We encourage discussion on this page for this portion and look forward to your thoughtful input.


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