The Dilemma of the Ger: Commentary on “Has an Ancient Biblical Status for Non-Jews Reemerged After 2500 Years?”

Only rarely in each generation does a truly important topic get put n the table for discussion. In this response from Al McCarn to Dr. Rivkah Adler, we find the opening exchange of a most important topic for our generation. Who and what is the ger, and what is their right standing before Judah. Hundreds of thousands of non-Jews across the world are coming to Torah observance with no intent of converting to Judaism. What to do? How are they to be treated? What is their standing before God? Even more important, what is the nation of Israel to do about this phenomenon and the desire of many to come alongside Judah and live in the Land?

Many questions in a most complex issue.

Dr. Adler opens the discussion with a piece in Breaking Israel News about the Biblical ger and the Jewish perspective. Al responds with some significant thoughts from our side…

Check out this most interesting first exchange and ponder the magnitude of what this conversation might mean!!


James Tissot, The Return of the Prodigal Son.The Return of the Prodigal Son, by James Tissot.

The Torah Awakening among Christians is creating something the world has not seen for two thousand years:  a growing body of non-Jewish people who are doing the best they can to live by God’s eternal standards (His Torah – Law, Teaching, Commandments), but who do not intend to convert to Judaism.

What is the world to do with such people?  Perhaps the more immediate question is, what are the Jewish people and the State of Israel to do with such people?

Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler explored these questions recently in an article for Breaking Israel News.  Her article, “Has an Ancient Biblical Status for Non-Jews Reemerged after 2500 Years?”, presents the biblical concept of ger, (גָּר, Strong’s H1616), or foreigner, as a possible status for Torah-keeping non-Jews.  Dr. Adler and I have shared some correspondence on…

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