Cathy Reviews Al McCarn’s New Book!!

A few days ago I reviewed Al McCarn’s terrific new book, Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell.   Since then, a group of us who are gathering from across the US at the B’ney Yosef National Congress have been in communication.

Give Me A PlaceThis morning, Cathy posted a note to Al for all of us to see in which she basically reviewed the book (in better fashion than I did…) as well as shared some of her prayers and thoughts as Abba has been leading her regarding community and the regathering of His exiles.

I asked her is I could share this with my blog and received the ‘green light.’  Following, for your edification, is her email.  I encourage each of you to order several copies of this book and read/share with any and all!!  (I had 10 copies come in today’s mail!!  SO exciting!)


Good morning, Al!

I really wanted this to be a comment on your blog in response to the announcement about the book; but I didn’t see a comment link, so I will use this as a forum instead. The book arrived on Tuesday afternoon and I had a chance to quickly read it just before a family drama began to unfold which has kept me quite tied up this week. I woke early this morning [Friday] and began to read it again and to highlight what I see as key passages. The organization of your material is excellent and it is written on a level that most people can understand or that, at least, should provoke the reader  to launch their own investigation, if so inclined. Thank you for your diligence and for taking time to allow the Ruach to use you as an instrument!

I must admit the suggestion to “imagine” ourselves as a nation took me by surprise; but, upon reflection, it makes perfect sense. I definitely see the correlation between our current dilemma, which for me is the longing to dwell in a place where the highest form of freedom for humans [the ability to keep the commandments of our God without harassment] is available. In fact, Abba put it on my heart in 2012 to begin to pray for that very thing, although on a different level.  Within a year my prayer resulted in three like-minded single women, including myself, combining households. We immediately began to hold Torah study in our home on Saturdays and we have recognized Abba’s great blessing and favor upon us. In fact, we tell Him daily that we are the most blessed people on the planet–and for many reasons. One of the foremost is that we do not have anyone in our face daily telling us that we are wrong.

Our neighbors have, for the most part, accepted us as “peculiar” and, oddly enough, when they need assistance or are in trouble, it is we whom they call first. We have intentionally reached out to them, sharing vegetables from our garden, offering transportation when the need existed, and otherwise just being loving and available. Considering that they obviously respect and value us, we surmise we are somehow being a light to them by simply living the lifestyle of Hebrews. We have invited them to our meetings and, in addition, offered them videos and other materials in response to their questions about our keeping Sabbaths and other holy days, as well as the dietary instructions. For the most part, they have continued on in their traditions; but, one thing that we find to be very curious is that they honor our Holy Days by not phoning us or asking us for transportation on those days. And, Abba has brought other people to attend our Shabbat gatherings who truly desire to learn of Him.

Still, we long to live in a community of people who delight in the Sabbath, who want to keep the commandments, where we can study Scripture together, learn Hebrew, as you have suggested, pray together, and work together for the Kingdom. We long to live in a community where we are not constantly accosted by immorality, immodesty, vulgarity, and dependence on drugs and government. We long to eat and shop in places where we can listen to music that glorifies the Father rather than current entertainment icons. Thanks to your efforts and those who have helped you to formulate and articulate, the vision has been cast, and we, therefore, have a better understanding as to how to pray effectively. Recently I learned on Hebrew Nation Radio about a “sign” in the Heavens that is supposed to occur on Sept 23, 2017. If I understand correctly, for the first time in history, twelve stars will surround the woman clothed with the sun and having the moon at her feet. Very interesting indeed!  Here is the link and please let me know what you think about it.

Since 2008, I have been asking Abba to raise up someone who can succinctly tell the story of the division of the Kingdom, as well as to cast the vision for the restoration. Your book has far exceeded my expectations. In recent months my prayers have increased with the release of “Let the Lion Roar,” which, in my opinion, left out the foremost requirement for the restoration of Judah and Joseph, that of keeping the commandments of Yahweh.

The prototype of the Ephraimite flag was thrilling, especially the large star in the center surrounded by twelve other stars. I pray that brother Judah will recognize in this our deep gratitude and respect. The book raises some significant challenges that will no doubt result in our joint and individual declarations that we are Ephraim; and, I, for one, am grateful to begin now to pray through these things. It has occurred to me that the fervent prayers for my grandchildren may culminate with their being offered refuge in a safe place at some later date.

Speaking of children, it occurs to me that your parable of the three kings should be immediately offered as a children’s book. I daresay it will speak to many adults who otherwise cannot understand these historical events due to their post-Constantine paradigm. I will pray for the Ruach to move on this according to Abba’s best!

We are greatly blessed to have access to organizations like that of 119 Ministries which offer free streaming videos to explain why and how we can and should keep the commandments. Now, your book is the perfect companion that marvelously articulates the vision of the Kingdom, which, in future, as you have so well explained, will be home to all who embrace Abba’s instructions. May He bless you as you continue your efforts toward the restoration of the Kingdom; and may He inform the prayers of those of us who likewise pray, “give me a place where I can dwell.”

All praises to our great King!

Thank you Cathy for sharing your thoughts and heart as our King moves His people!!  May He bring us into that place where we may dwell!!

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  1. Thanks Pete, and thanks Cathy! While I appreciate the plug, the best thing is that Abba gets the glory and His message goes out to those who need to hear.

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