Kidding aside!! (Short video & pics)

Here’s a quick update on the goat kidding this year….  We have truly been blessed beyond our hopes!!  Yah is good!

Our last momma kidded midday Tuesday and I got a pretty good night’s sleep thereafter!  Visiting the barn every couple hours through the night was getting old, but it is the nature DSCN6320of this time of year.  As I previously related, we crossed our four Nubian and one Alpine does to ‘Hotshot,’ a beautiful Saanen buck from an excellent milk lineage.  You can see in those pics that they are all about to POP!

Mature does normally have twins with the occasional set of triplets (though the rare quads is not out of the question..).  We’ve had some trips each year, but this year all four of my mature girls had trips and my yearling doe, Beth, had twins!!  Five does and 14 kids!!!  That is five new baby does and eight bucklings.  (Regretfully, we lost one doeling at birth.)

The last to give birth is the one that we just KNEW was going to go first…  Malke, the ever ornery Alpine!  She is one for the history books.  She thinks with her belly and will do everything in her own time, unless food is involved!

Honestly!  She was in full blown labor, so we let all the other girls out of the back of the barn to give her some privacy…  Smart, right?  No!  She was totally jealous that they were grazing out back and tried to push the gate open.  When I relented, because I was afraid she or the kids would get hurt, she headed out there and walked around grazing!  Eventually we cajoled her and the others back into the barn, but she decided to show us!  The hooves of the first kid would present, then they’d retreat…  We played that game for two stinking HOURS!  (The other girls hit major labor and within 90 minutes had put all three on the ground!  Not Malke!)

DSCN6319Eventually, with some help, she delivered the first…  Another boy!  Gack!  (We want girls!…  LOL!)  He was cute as a button with ears that stick straight up!!  Looks like a llama!  More on that in a minute!

After the first we waited another hour and a half or so…  getting up, laying down.  Moving.  Insisting on trying to lay with her hind parts in a corner.  Present hooves, retract.  Maddening, really!

Finally, with a little help she delivered number two.  Another boy!  Funny ears…  I toweled him off and took him to the house and immediately returned to the barn to check on Malke.  When I got to the barn she was licking something and I initially assumed afterbirth…  Normal nutrient source, right?

As I got closer, I was very surprised to see a third kid on the ground!  Not five minutes since the previous! A bit smaller, but fully alert!

I snatched it and headed to the house triumphant!

As I came through the door, they too were surprised.  First question? “Is it a girl?”

I hadn’t even checked…  I laid her down to clean her up and inspect.  I checked twice to be sure!  Indoor plumbing!!  Yippee.  Another girl!!

That makes five…  doubling the number of does in the herd.

So, we are settling in with the feeding schedule for the first week.  Are are doing well as you can see in the short video.  Watch those happy tails wag at the feeder!!

One thing you will notice is the beautiful ‘airplane ears.’  Cute as all get-out!  Nubians have the long dangly ears.  They need about fifty pair of earrings, but I don’t have the funds for that kind of bling!  🙂  Saanens have shorter ‘alert’ ears.  The cross always yields the ‘airplane ears.’

What we were really curious about was how the Alpine would cross.  Birthing, besides being long, went well.  Malke’s frame, though shorter of leg, is about the same in the hips and she handled the larger kids well.  In fact, she recovered faster than the Nubians, though that may be a testament to her somewhat mean disposition…  (I love that girl, she is unique!!  And, a great milker!)  So, the Alpine/Saanen ears…  Two look like llamas and the third is a little goofy with flipped back ears.

The boys were debating on names for the three Alpine crosses and named the little girl with perky ears, ‘Shama,’ the boy with perky ears is ‘Llama,’ and the goofy boy was named ‘Ding-dong!’  (Kelly is still campaigning against the selections, though they do make us laugh!)

So, this goes out to MY baby…  Just for fun!!

And, a couple more pics for the road…


This is ‘Ding-Dong.’  The goofy ears give him away…  LOL!



And, a closing pic…  Spring is just around the corner!!  The hives are coming alive and the bees found a pollen source today!!  Some of them were coming in LOADED down!!


“Thank you Father for a great kidding season!  b’shem Y’shua haMashiach!  Amein!”

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  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you for sharing all the excitement! What a blessing!!!


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