Dr Ted Broer What happens when you eat pork

Somewhere between GROSS and FUNNY…  Definitely, never heard it this way before, and the medical study is cited!!

[CAVEAT EMPTOR!  (‘Buyer beware…’):  See comments section, but Commentor Chris Span alerted me that the speaker may not be totally credible based on sources and his personal history.  Link and commentary below.  Regardless, the video is still funny and gross, though is is a shame that some of the documentation to support the truth of pork’s uncleanness may itself be ‘unclean… 🙂 ]

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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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15 Responses to Dr Ted Broer What happens when you eat pork

  1. Enlightening! It makes sense because we’re so genetically similar to pigs. It’s almost like cannibalism…


  2. Chris Span says:

    Although we may agree that pork is unclean and God commands us not to touch or eat it, it is likely for other reasons other than health. Citing studies is one thing but hitching our wagon to this star is a mistake. After spending a few hours looking for studies and counter studies, i came up dry. This fellow is one that is not credible and is obviously playing on the the hearts of 7th day-ers and messy-antics. I carry the same educational background based of his credentials that he claims and find myself shaking my head at the scare tactics he employs to sell his products. The fact of the matter is that medicine and pharmacology has saved lives but it doesn’t mean it is good for everyone and for every problem or sickness. For example, some may be helped by drugs that would kill someone else. But this is a different realm of discussion than not eating pork because of religious reasons. Sometimes we miss this as following commands are both physical and spiritual in nature.

    We must not depend on the Ellen Whites from the seventh day adv. or the Michael Roods from his rabble. We must dig into scripture and find the truth without books or video clips to teach us. We must read about why food is an issue in holiness? what does holy mean? Why did they have Manna to eat? Was it so that they could be super healthy and look young forever? No, it was to test them… look it up. I am sure the manna was good for them but i don’t think that this was the main intention. We don’t eat pork not because it is bad for us (which I agree it is not healthy) but rather to test us and become that peculiar people of holiness. If you follow clean and unclean laws then you will know first hand that it makes you confusing to others. If we start telling people we follow this because pork is unhealthy and can kill you they will think it is nothing more than a diet or health craze. When we are asked, “why do we…?” We can’t explain it all away for them because, like the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” All we can say is because He asked me and I love Him. None of us started to follow because of the health benefits so why would we now resort to them to somehow justify in our mind and in others minds why our Father would ask us to do this?

    Thank you for your site and bringing these posts to our attention .


  3. Chris Span says:

    You just have to know that Broer is a scammer when I found that the research is not really research. Found the “research” from this guy( Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg) … we really have to be careful what we are promoting as truth. First off, the “research” done was published in his own “jounal” and was not reviewed by anyone… which is the who reason for journals. Secondly, the guy makes every claim you can make about curing everything without research to back it up. Third, this guy had to change the company he owns because of bad claims and unethical practices. He changed the name to HEEL and self promotes research and awards.. shameless!

    Anyone can just claim anything and make a magazine and call it a journal.


  4. Chris Span says:

    Thanks I just see so many people get all wrapped up in going food crazy… and needed to get it out hahaha.

    Thanks again… and great interview… my wife and I really loved it. It was meaningful for me as a former christian reformed. Related a lot… I can’t say it enough but blessing on you and your house!


  5. This was an interesting line. I now see that the issue of heatlh on pork is less important than the issue of obedience to the Sovereign God. It is easy to get side tracked thinking that health is the main reason for food laws. Our bodies are falling apart day by day and I can say that is true no matter how carefully we watch our diet.

    But the issue is God said, there I obey.
    Also, a few notes from my observation. Proverbs says somewhere that a wicked man teaches with his fingers and speaketh with his feet. The signs are clearly present in the speaker.


  6. I read some of that document posted by the other man. Just because the “FDA” comes and announces “bogus” on a man’s research does not make it “bogus”. The FDA is responsibile of approving drugs that have killed many many deluded people who trust man. The Bible says Cursed be he who trusts in man. And the track record of the Bible is one hundred percent perfect.


  7. Cecil Edward says:

    Do you have the continuation of the video by Dr Ted Broer’s “what happens when you eat pork”?


  8. Richard Bekker says:

    Dr Boer, thank you for your great articles !! I read the positive and negative comments, and realise that these people with the negative comments did not try, what you recommend. I was very, very sick and changed my lifestyle and have faith in God and I have gained my health again ! Thank you Dr Boer


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