Are you kidding me??

I promise, I will resist the urge to turn this into a prophecy/eschatology blog.  There are a bajillion of those you can cruise…  Still, some things simply are too interesting not to touch on!

Two nights ago, in light of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, our evening Bible study group took a break from our normal routine to watch and discuss‘s Daniel Unsealed teaching.  FASCINATING findings that appear way beyond coincidental…

Still, we agreed that there are yet a couple events that need to happen in order to make any hard declaration that “we are there!”  Yes, looks like the Vatican is gonna get a throne in Yerushlayim.  Yep, the Malachy prophesied Petrus Romanus appears to be ready to make an entrance…  Even have comets crashing to earth, the Basilica being struck by lightning, twice, upon Benedict’s announcement.  Wars? Check.  Rumors of war?  Check.  Disasters, volcanoes, yadda, yadda, yadda.  (Several of these events/reports discussed in this post.)

What do we really need?  A Temple sacrifice to be stopped!!  That’s what!  Our final analysis was simply: if this is the time, then a sacrifice will most likely have to be broken up.  My guess is that just the declaration of going forward with it would cause global public outcry and those expecting to perform the sacrifice would not actually get to do it.

We speculated that a few determined men, while Temple Mount officials turned their heads, could make this happen in a very short span of time.  But what if those at the Temple Institute have more elaborate plans than that…  They have been preparing for years and there is a rumored Red Heifer.  Hmmmm…  Possibilities…

So, look at what I just read on 119’s FB page!  Following is a quote from an email allegedly from the Temple Institute that hints at the possibility of such a sacrifice occurring:

Anyone heard of the Temple Institute? Just received an email from them declaring they intend to do the Passover sacrifice next month. Has anyone else heard this? Can’t tell if they are just talking about it, or intending to do it…

“Tune in to this week’s Temple Talk, and join Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven, as they take a look at the other side of the month of Adar and call upon all motivated hearts: Come and Build the Holy Temple!

The month of Adar has arrived, and for most people that spells Purim joy, accompanied by lots of mirth. But just as Hashem’s name is hidden from the scroll of Esther, so too, there’s much more to the month of Adar than meets the eye. During Temple times, this month begins a period marked by intense preparation for bringing the Passover offering next month! Today as well, there are those that are busy trying to accomplish what hasn’t been done for a very long time, enabling the nation of Israel to once again bring the Pesach lamb. What motivates these people? What motivated those whose donated to the building of the Tabernacle, in this week’s Torah portion of Terumah? You’ve got to feel it, you’ve got to be obsessed with the Holy Temple. We learned from the best, like King David, who said “I will not allow myself sleep nor comfort until I find a place for G-d in this world.” Tune into this week’s memorable Temple Talk for a crash course: Temple Obsession 101.”

To me, that appears to be a HINT, not a declaration of intent, still, it fits the current scene almost perfectly…  Very interesting!

To be fair, I do not believe that actual Temple sacrifice will be restarted.  I think it will be forcefully stopped before it actually gets started, thus kicking the last days into high gear.  I do believe that, just as Scripture prophesies in multiple places, there WILL be sacrifice in the Millennial reign of Yeshua, but not before.  Paul, in Acts 21:21-26 and 24:17, appears to participate in Nazarite offerings/sacrifices.  Hebrews teaches that in Yeshua, the atonement sacrifice is fulfilled, but no mention of other sacrifices and offerings…   Ultimately, I believe that we need Him to again teach us exactly what is required, thus preparing us to walk in the fullness of His Light.

So, is Rabbi Chaim Richman just talking about this week’s Torah Portion, Terumah?  Or, is this time of year and this portion specifically applicable in such a way that those passionate about building the Third Temple might take matters into their own hands and force the issue?  I can’t answer that, but I do know this:  time is short and nothing surprises me anymore.

Besides comments on current events and possibilities, does anyone care to offer insight on the connections between Adar, Purim, Pesach and the temple?


Shalom!  Pete.

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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