Torah Portions

Two exceptional Torah Study resources now offered.  In the left hand column below, we have Ray Gardner’s Torah Study Guide, and across from it is Ephraim and Ramona Frank’s wonderful Hebrew Insights into each portion.  Also, below, I have printable Torah Portion Reading Guides.

After our trip to Israel a few months ago, I began receiving Ephraim and Ramona’s weekly email with insights into the Hebrew words in each Parasha.  I learn neat new insights in each parasha from them and hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Regarding Ray Gardner’s Torah Study Guide, I have this entire set in hardcopy and have found it to be an incredible resource that covers Rays Torah Guides Coversso much ground each week!!  If you want a hardcopy, feel free to download all or part onto a thumb drive and take to a Kinko’s or Office Max type store for printing.

Each Study Guide fits in a three ring binder with ample note taking space in the margins, drawings and bonus sections covering major topics such as the Feasts of YHVH, Tips for Rays Torah Guides NotesTorah Study, Hebrew Basics, etc…

Each portion is 15-25 pages of study material with word studies, related passages from the Gospels and Apostolic Writings.

He is sharing it for free here in pdf format if you wish to read and/or print each week’s portion.  If you already have the hardcopy, you may want to check it against the pdf as Ray is always adding to each portion.  Just print the new sections and put them in your binders!!

Rays Torah Guides DrawingsI am very excited about sharing this resource with each of you and am so happy that Ray wants this out there and accessible to anyone with a computer!  He has worked VERY hard on these over the years!  Many thanks to him and to our Father!!

I pray you are blessed as much as I have been by this exceptional resource!  Check back each week as we add installments until the whole resource is up!!

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Printable Reading Cycle:

Making a Torah Notebook


Notebook Spine Labels

Genesis/ Breisheet

Genesis Cover








Torah 01 Bereisheet                 ERF TP 1 Bresheet              ERF TP 1 Bresheet

Torah 02 Noach                        ERF TP 2 Noach                  ERF TP 2 Noach

Torah 03 Lech Lecha               ERF TP 3 Lech Lecha          ERF TP 3 Lech Lecha

Torah 04 Vayeira                    ERF TP4 Va’yera                  ERF TP4 Va’yera

Torah 05 Chayei Sarah          ERF TP5 Cha’yey Sarah    ERF TP5 Cha’yey Sarah

Torah 06 Toldot                       ERF TP6 Toldot

Torah 07 Vayetse                    ERF TP7 Va’ye’tze

Torah 08 Vayishlach               ERF TP8 Va’yishlach

Torah 09 Vayeishev                 ERF TP9 Va’ye’shev

Torah 10 Mikketz                       ERF TP 10 Miketz

Torah 11 Vayigash                      ERF TP 11 Va’yigash

Torah 12 Vayiechi                       ERF TP 12 Va’ye’chi










Torah 13 Shemot              ERF TP 13 Sh’mot

Torah 14 Vaeira                ERF TP 14 Va’ye’ra

Torah 15 Bo                       ERF TP 15 Bo

Torah 16 B Shalach          ERF TP 16 B’Shalach

Torah 17 Yithro                 ERF TP 17 Yitro

Torah 18 Mishpatim        ERF TP18 Mishpatim

Torah 19 Teruma              ERF TP 19 Trumah

Torah 20 Tetsaveh             ERF TP20 Tetzaveh

Torah 21 Ki Tisa                  ERF TP21 Ki Tissa

Torah 22 Vayakhel             ERF TP22 Vayakhel

Torah 23 Pekude                ERF TP23 Fkudey











Torah 24 Vayikra                   ERF TP24 Vayikra

Torah 25 Tzav                      ERF TP25 Tzav

Torah 26 Shemini              ERF TP26 Shmini

Torah 27 Tazria                  ERF TP27 TazriaTorah 29 Achare

Torah 28 Metzorah            ERF TP28 Metzorah

Torah 29 Achare                 ERF TP29 Acharey Mot

Torah 30 Kedoshim            ERF TP30 Kdoshim

Torah 31 Emor

Torah 32 Behar

Torah 33 Bechukosai



Numbers Book Cover

Numbers Book Cover

Torah 34 Bemidbar

Torah 35 Nasso

Torah 36 Behaalotcha

Torah 37 Shelach

Torah 38 Korach

Torah 39 Hukkat

Torah 40 Balak

Torah 41 Pinchas

Torah 42 Mattot   (See Chart Below)

Torah 43 Massey






Deuteronomy Book Cover

Deuteronomy Book Cover

Torah 44 Devarim

Torah 45 Vaetchanan

Torah 46 Eikev

Torah 47 Re’eh

Torah 48 Shoftim

Torah 49 Ki Tetse

Torah 50 Ki Tavo

Torah 51 Nizavim

Torah 52 Vayelekh

Torah 53 Haazinu

Torah 54 V’zot HaBrakha

45 Responses to Torah Portions

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  11. Mary Ellen says:

    Please send me the contact info…I hope to order the complete set in the near future! Thanks! 😊


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  15. Greg franks says:

    So, I saw the cost of the complete copy at $100.00. Where do I send the money? Thanks Greg


    • Pete Rambo says:

      I have forwarded on your email address to Ray Gardner. He or Brenda should contact you soon and then you can send payment directly to them.

      Thank you so much. you will love the hardcopies!


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  28. Joanne Fetzer says:

    My husband and I would also like to have a hard copy of the parasha commentaries for the 5 books of Torah. It looks like a wonderful resource! Thank you for sharing this information.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pete Rambo says:

      Hopefully, in a couple weeks, the series will be complete, then we can bundle into downloadable zip files you can take to an office supply house… Or, send me an email and I’ll forward it to Ray…


      • Joanne Fetzer says:

        I sent you our contact information to pass along to Ray via the “contact” form on your website. Hopefully you received it by now? Does he attend Adat Shalom? If so, perhaps we could visit that group sometime in the future to pick up the hard copies.


      • Pete Rambo says:

        Ray leads/facilitates Adat Shalom. I have passed your info to Ray. Not sure they keep hardcopies on hand, but if you make arrangements to pick them up one shabbat, they can have them ready.



      • Joanne Fetzer says:

        I’m assuming that we need do nothing more at this time and that Ray will contact us if/when he has a Torah parasha commentary set prepared?


      • Pete Rambo says:

        Yeah… We are almost to the point of completing the set online, then I’ll try to package into downloadable groups that you can take to Kinko’s for them to print a complete set.


  29. Tammie Hemann says:

    Is Ray still offering the Torah portion set of hard copies for $100? If so, does he take Paypal?


  30. Joanne Fetzer says:

    I guess I’m a bit confused. I thought the offer/invitation was to pay Ray $100 for the set of 5 binders. So… is taking them to Kinko’s or Staples the preferred way then, rather than paying Ray to put a set together?


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  32. Troy nichols says:

    Awesome insights

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Jayne Botha says:

    wow this is really awesome – thank you so much


  34. Any work on vayeshev that brings up interest in Hanukkah is welcome to contact me!


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