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Pics from SC/GA National Shabbat

Yesterday’s National Shabbat in western SC, bringing together about 350 Messianics from across half dozen states, was incredible.  Our house is still recovering from all the Davidic dance.  The last set, geared toward the teens with some high energy tunes, … Continue reading

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Best part of last National Shabbat in SC!!

Last weekend’s National Shabbat in SC, organized by Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, was terrific.  I loved the dancing and worship as well as the abundant fellowship with Messianics from across the state.  The highlight, though, was corporately declaring God’s Word … Continue reading

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Announcing National Shabbat in SC!!

South Carolina will have its inaugural National Shabbat in December.  Currently we are trying to secure live music and a place in the Columbia area.  Our goal is the first or second Shabbat in December.  Stay tuned for details, and … Continue reading

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National Shabbat,  Exodus Road is in the House!!

Have had some Scripture declarations, now….   Getting ready to rock!!  Exodus Road just hit the stage with some new pieces!!

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National Shabbat today in Woodstock, GA!!

Exodus Road is warming up and the crowd is gathering.  SC, TN, GA,  AL,  FL  and Missouri represented. Updates to follow.

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Shabbat shalom from SC!!

We are staying at the location for tomorrow’s National Shabbat.   The site is a recreation center in a camp complex in central SC.  The beauty is that they have cabins, multiples of which are rented by friends.  We watched … Continue reading

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Con-Verge. Reblogged report on Oregon National Shabbat

con·verge – by redshoooz This weekend my husband Tommy and I had the privilege of attending the First Western Regional Bney Yosef North America (BYNA) National Shabbat in Salem, Oregon. We flew from South Carolina to Seattle to visit my … Continue reading

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On location: National Shabbat in North Georgia

Been worshipping, dancing, fellowshipping and eating the last four hours at the North Georgia National Shabbat.  Attendees hail from SC, NC, TN, FL, AL, ME and GA. Exodus Road provided music while various people led the dance. The location, interestingly … Continue reading

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What an awesome Shabbat!! (Pics, video coming…)

The last 36 hours have been such an incredible blessing of fun, fellowship, worship, dancing and digging in the Word!!  Truly special!  Let me tell you about it! Every Shabbat that is a fifth Shabbat (i.e., 5th Saturday on the … Continue reading

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Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom

Lately, I have been pondering anew my nationality, citizenship and Kingdom affiliation.  Most would consider me an American citizen, of American descent, however, I do not.  Yes, I was born here, to American citizens who come from families that arrived … Continue reading

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National Shabbat, ‘an idea whose time has come…’

Simply acknowledging the division in the Messianic (messy-antic?) world is not enough.  Neither are simple calls for unity.  Something must be done. Over the last year or so, there has been an increasing acknowledgement of the discord in the Messianic … Continue reading

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Shema at Bney Yosef National Shabbat (and, more!)

Yesterday was an AMAZING day!! Since the Bney Yosef Congress in May, 2015, much has been happening along multiple fronts.  One of those avenues in the US is the implementation of an idea by Tzefanyah Pappas.  Essentially, as we see … Continue reading

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Worship and dance!!

Another SC National Shabbat is ‘in the books.’  Incredible anointed day of worship, fellowship and fun with Messianic from around the Southeast.  Hanoch Young gave the best presentation I have ever seen him give and we spent time in dedicated … Continue reading

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Even the precepts…

Was good to meet Shannon Schmelzle yesterday at SC National Shabbat.  He posts lots of terrific YouVersion images.  If you use the YouVersion app, friend him!! This verse is part of the everlasting, unchanging Word of God.  My question, why … Continue reading

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Lord of Hosts, You’re With Us!!

At the B’ney Yosef North America Summit, the debates and discussions were over.  After weeks and weeks of hard work, hours of prayer and countless emails, we had arrived at the point where we felt the Lord leading us. At … Continue reading

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