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Tales from the bus: Seeing

My longtime readers remember some older posts in the Tales from the bus series, valuable illustrations that came from work experience.  Here is a recent addition. A few weeks ago, a driver came in after their afternoon route and complained … Continue reading

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Tales from the bus. Missed….

Many of my longsuffering readers know that I am a bus driver and driver trainer for the local school district.  Previously, I have blogged a few posts related to work and theological lessons from interactions on the job…..  Grouped as … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. Mercy.

Jackson*, a fourth grade student on my bus, has been a bit of a handful lately.  More than a few times in recent weeks I have had to talk to his school principal for various infractions on the bus, from … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. Wilfredo.

I got emotional this morning as I picked up a new 2nd or 3rd grade passenger, a smiling chap named Wilfredo. Just yesterday afternoon, the second day of school, I was introduced to this young immigrant from Guatemala who speaks … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. Parenting.

Thursday was an icky day.  No two ways about it! I drove a field trip to Columbia and may as well have been at the helm of a submarine…  so much so that a teacher had to use an umbrella … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus: Fog and Faith

This morning was particularly foggy!  I’ve had several such mornings, but for whatever reason, today I felt much more vulnerable as I strained to see past the end of the hood.  I found myself wishing for a nice bus route … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. Salt.

I inherited a route that is more than unruly.  In driver parlance, I received a ‘party bus.’ The primary reason is probably that the retiring driver has been ill and many subs have bounced through the bus while admin steps … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. A Gift.

A day or two ago I shared that I drive a school bus.  I also mentioned that it leads to some stories…  While many I cannot tell, for privacy reasons, there are some I can share.  Here is one… My … Continue reading

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