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King David as prophecy of the Second Exodus…

The lives of many prophets, patriarchs, and other Biblical characters serve as prophecy. Joseph is a major example that we have explored on several occasions. David, also, is one we have explored as the face-off with Goliath parallels several sections … Continue reading

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Eclipses and Weeping Prophets

The “Great American Eclipse” is a scant two weeks away and I have been pondering it a bit.  This morning, I shot a quick two texts to my good friend and co-author, Al McCarn. I asked, “Did an eclipse happen … Continue reading

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The Greater Exodus: less than a year away?? [Updated]

I just listened to a most electrifying teaching by Laura Densmore that rethinks the traditional interpretation of Daniel 9:24.  There is a high, very high probability that Christendom’s interpretation has been wrong. Daniel 9:24 “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people … Continue reading

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Recovering Pastors

Years ago I had some serious questions about the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers, but because I was not an architect or engineer, I was not sure that my thoughts were on solid footing.  In my research, I found … Continue reading

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Previewed! The Way Documentary

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Way, a documentary about the global movement away from Christian tradition and toward a lifestyle that more accurately reflects Scripture and Yeshua!  Well, yesterday, our home fellowship opened with worship, prayer … Continue reading

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“Times, Times and Half a Time.” Decoded?

This morning I received an interesting paper from Ray Gardner concerning some of his current thoughts on eschatology, current events and most especially, the phrase oft used in prophetic writing, ‘time, times and half a time.’  Most readers will recall … Continue reading

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As in the Days of Noah…. What it may mean.

Lately, Steve Moutria of has been releasing a number of fascinating prophecy videos that take a fresh look at hard to understand verses.  I do believe that Abba is giving him some insights that reveal things long hidden. I … Continue reading

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Jerusalem, 17s, 67s and the Yovel….

The last few days has seen a number of interesting conversations converge leaving me with a number of thoughts and interesting musings.  I’d like to share and see what feedback is out there… I have gone on record before saying … Continue reading

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Prophecy Wrap-up and Sacrifice on the Temple Mount??

It is Spring Break and I have ben feverishly working to accomplish some tasks around our our little farm during this much needed break from bus driving and training.  While I haven’t done much writing on the blog, it has … Continue reading

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