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R. Shapira – The Mystery of Jacob’s Ladder

Excellent teaching.  A bit mystical in places but neat/deep connections to Messiah through some of the rabbinic writings as well as Scripture.  Enjoy!!

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Rabbi Itzhak Shapira needs our help!!!

I am so excited about the work that is being done by our friends over at Ahavat Ammi Ministries!!  Following is an email I received with updates of the terrific things they are working on as well as a request … Continue reading

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R. Shapira Discussing Yeshua’s Name in Rosh Hashanah Liturgy

I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening to R. Shapira explain the presences of Yeshua and His identity in Jewish literature.  It is a whole world of new wonders as Messiah is revealed and present with brother … Continue reading

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Denying Yeshua

In recent months I have watched with some dismay as multiple people around me have strongly considered or actually taken the leap and converted to Judaism.  The move itself is not so problematic except that the conversion process generally demands … Continue reading

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Our first couple days in Israel….

Technically, we’ve been here for more than a week, but the Congress ended Tuesday and we only really began seeing sights and visiting people in the last couple days.  As with every visit, time passes too fast and traffic moves … Continue reading

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Answering the Anti-missionaries

In recent weeks I have had several run-ins with anti-missionaries.  While I prefer not having such encounters as only rarely does anything good come of them, when they come to me, I have to respond as clearly and firmly as … Continue reading

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Two great lights and a lot of fireworks…

We had had a wonderful day with several Breaking Israel News reporters on the last day of the Second B’ney Yosef Congress when Al McCarn and I had the privilege of driving Eliyahu Berkowitz back to his home in Katsrin, … Continue reading

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The Angel of the Lord, Pt.2

Jewish objection to the Angel of the Lord being Divine usually hinges on one of two points: man can’t see God and the Lord is ‘one.’  In this missive we’ll see that one of those points, that man cannot see … Continue reading

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Who is the Jewish Messiah?

I just LOVE Rabbi Shapira’s bold and truthful stand!!  Enjoy these videos and visit his site, Ahavat Ammi. Blessings!

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‘…to God who appeared to you…’

Next Shabbat I have the pleasure of teaching the Portion at the fellowship we are currently attending, so this morning I was reading ahead and pondering anew Vayishlach.  While there are several terrific pieces I plan to study as I … Continue reading

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‘To the Jew first…’ You can help!!

My regular readers are familiar with Rabbi Itzhak Shapira and his book, The Return of the Kosher Pig, from a number of posts referring to him in one way or another.   Frankly, I love this brother in Messiah and … Continue reading

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Make a difference for the Kingdom!

Here is a chance to make a HUGE impact for the Kingdom.  Rabbi Itzhak Shapira has written an incredible book revealing the Jewish Messiah from Judaic literature and the Scriptures.  I reviewed this exceptional work, titled The Return of the … Continue reading

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Awesome, awesome interview! Messianic Rabbi!

This is an awesome, awesome interview!!  So much good material here from Messianic Rabbi Itzhak Shapira!  I just love this guy and his total passion for his people.  Even more so, as we see him speaking to non-Jewish believers of … Continue reading

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Was Jesus on Mt. Sinai? Does it matter?

Here is an interesting question that reveals a theological/doctrinal conundrum for most of Christendom. Was Jesus on Mt. Sinai?

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He Judges By…. Smell?!?

Seriously!!  One attribute of the Mashiach is that He judges by smell! (This promises to be an interesting and unconventional post that will pull some odd things together…  ) After the midrash at this week’s Shabbat (parsha, Toldot), a bunch … Continue reading

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