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One Law, Water, Light and Bread

I was reading a post by Peter over at the OMJ blogspot when a comment he had inserted into a quote got my attention.  While the post was about John 7 and 8 from a Hebraic perspective, the comment said, … Continue reading

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One Law for All? Reviewing JK McKee, Pt. 2

It’s like dueling banjos, only James’ is a half step ahead of me…  LOL! In part one of this review I took a general overview of JK McKee’s One Law For All and shared what I found to be the most … Continue reading

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One Law for All? Reviewing JK McKee Pt. 1

Lately, this blog and James Pyles, of My Morning Meditations, have had a considerable amount of interaction.  It really started with in the lengthy discussion after my negative review of Boaz Michael’s Tent of David and blossomed into a healthy … Continue reading

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One Law, One God, One Body A Critical Look at Why There is a Hebrew Roots Movement

Recently, we have had a spirited discussion concerning the place of Jews and Gentiles in relation to Torah and each other.  Here is a related timely article that addresses a paper we previously mentioned.  I absolutely encourage every reader to … Continue reading

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One Law = Erasing Jewish Distinctives? Baloney!

While skimming a friend’s Google+ page, a post caught my eye and I had an electric thought!! This is what I saw: Tia Tita Shared publicly  –  Feb 7, 2014 “One hope to heal our land” 2Ch 7:14     … Continue reading

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Just Scales = One Law for All!!

Yesterday we talked about unjust scales. Following is a terrific short article from a different angle, but dealing with the same issue:  One Law. ________________ Messianic Gentile Manifesto A new friend of mine recently asked me to provide the basis … Continue reading

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The ‘One Bride (of Messiah)’ Myth

Christendom (including most Hebrew roots/Torahkeepers, etc) and Judaism (including most Messianic Jews) share in a ‘one bride’ doctrine that is not supported by Scripture, though most have blindly accepted it. While each has a slight variation on how it is … Continue reading

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Dear Son-in-law:

Recently a friend of mine (Zec) sent me and several other men a video and asked for feedback before it went public. It was absolutely stunning. Men, this fits with the focus we have had over the last few months … Continue reading

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The Beast Rising (with his Noahide Laws…)

For some time I have been avoiding writing this post, but the links are piling up on my desktop and it is increasingly clear that we are in a cattle chute with no exit opportunity. This is a one way … Continue reading

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‘Done away with,’ or merely suspended?

Central to Christendom’s argument that the Torah or Law is ‘done away with’ is the obvious fact that there is no Temple and therefore, significant chunks of instruction cannot be carried out.  But, does the absence of a Temple mean … Continue reading

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Who are the Dry Bones of Ezekiel 37?

A theme that has been coming up over and over in recent reading and study is Ezekiel’s Dry Bones.  Last weekend in our study of Genesis 47:28- 50:26 we again ran into the Dry Bones.  (Long story…) Christendom has been … Continue reading

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Prophesying to the Dry Bones…

Ez. 37 The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out [a]by the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the middle of the valley; and it was full of bones. 2 He caused me to … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit and Lawlessness

Does the Holy Spirit lead us into lawlessness?  Indeed, can He? This morning, while reading Ray Gardner’s Study Notes on Genesis 24, I came across the following quote. The last paragraph struck me.  My notes follow. Eliezer = El is … Continue reading

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Grace and Law are….

…inseparable.  If you do away with the Law, you no longer have a need for grace.  Obedience to the Law brings blessing and life.  (Deuteronomy 30!). We have grace if/when we fall. Is His Torah your delight?  Make it so … Continue reading

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One Torah, Two Approaches to God?

Originally posted on
A Critical Look at the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS) Steering Committee Report of False Accusations Against the Hebrew Roots Movement   We, as Messianic leaders and teachers, have become increasingly concerned…

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