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Sunday School, P. 5 David, Goliath and Yeshua’s 2nd Coming

This week in Sunday School we took a look at Yeshua in the Tanakh as seen in David at the defeat of Goliath, I Samuel 17.  I began our teaser with a poem I previously posted.  Then, we looked at … Continue reading

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David and Goliath. Prophecy? Let’s see…

Several parts of my study have recently converged on 1 Samuel.  Initially, while looking at ‘אבן‘ or ‘stone,’ I was led to consider David and his use of a stone to slay Goliath. In the considering of this story, I … Continue reading

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King David as prophecy of the Second Exodus…

The lives of many prophets, patriarchs, and other Biblical characters serve as prophecy. Joseph is a major example that we have explored on several occasions. David, also, is one we have explored as the face-off with Goliath parallels several sections … Continue reading

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I am often enthralled with the minute details that formulate the entire picture or system by which we SHOULD observe and follow.  Rarely do I think that we see the trees through the forest and I can understand why. However, … Continue reading

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Joash and the Third Temple

The picture is repeated yet AGAIN! The pattern is undeniable. As I have recently reminded my readers, Biblical history often IS prophecy. We explored this years ago with a close look at Joseph, then later explored several end times prophecies … Continue reading

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An unusual Shabbat…

Just over 24 hours ago our plane landed in Ha-eretz, The Land.  For us and those who love Israel, there is only one ‘Land,’ and this is it, the apple of God’s eye.  We arrived right on the eve of … Continue reading

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Good eats in Modern Jerusalem Restaurant

Last year, as I recall, I took and shared tons of food pics.  This year, because we are traveling with three teenage boys, we are quite glad to be renting a house from Tzemach through  Expenses have been much … Continue reading

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Absalom, the anti-messiah and the Valley of Elah.

Biblical history IS prophecy.  I used to believe that some of Biblical history is prophetic, but the more I read and study ‘historical’ passages, the more I recognize prophetic pictures confirmed by other passages.  As examples, we have explored Joseph … Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan: Another Perspective

Once in a while I will be reading Scripture and suddenly a whole new picture will spring from the page and I will have a paradigm shift in perspective.  Remez is a particular favorite shift where one story tells another … Continue reading

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The Complete Lexington Baptist Sunday School Collection

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 21, marks the last time I will be at Lexington Baptist Church teaching Sunday School.  When our series started, I fully expected to only be there 6-8 weeks.  Abba had other ideas and I have been blessed … Continue reading

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Some additional notes on Evan, the Cornerstone!

After the study I put up the other day on the Hebrew word ‘אבן‘  (even or evan) meaning ‘stone,’ I decided to build on it for our congregation’s Wednesday evening Torah study.  I dug up a few more verses with … Continue reading

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